Hong Fang, Ph.D., Founder, President, and CEO


Dr. Fang founded Microbial Novoteqs, Inc. in 2006, contributing to a growing biotechnology research effort in the Nashville, Tennessee community. Prior to the company’s founding, Dr. Fang was a faculty member at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine where she received numerous research grants, including the prestigious CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation, for conducting research in the fields of yeast molecular genetics and cell biology. Specific areas of research include cellular secretory pathways, intracellular proteases, and yeast bioengineering. Dr. Fang also has extensive experience in developing cell-based assays and high throughput small molecule drug screening.


Reared in Beijing, China, Dr. Fang took the First National Examination after the Culture Revolution in 1977. Based on the excellent scores received, she was accepted by Fudan University, one of the best universities in China, to study biophysics. Upon graduation, she was selected for graduate studies in the United States and later received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Fang conducted postgraduate research at Columbia University, New York, and University of California, Berkeley. In preparation for her biotechnology entrepreneurial career, Dr. Fang received training and a certificate from the Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management Biotechnology Program in 2003.


G. Neil Green, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. G. Neil Green joins Microbial Novoteqs on July 1, 2007 as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Dr. Green is a world recognized expert in yeast genetics, cell-based assay development, and high-throughput screening for inhibitors of bacterial and viral proteases. His contributions to the field of intracellular proteases include numerous publications in high-ranking journals, review articles, and book chapters. Dr. Green has long-standing research collaborations with Dr. Fang.

Dr. Green received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Tennessee and a Ph.D.  in biochemistry from the University of Illinois. He completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Francisco. Following his post-doctoral training, Dr Green joined the faculty of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUMC), earning tenure in 1996. In addition to his scientific achievements while at VUMC, Dr. Green demonstrated strong leadership in various training and educational programs and university committees.




Jack Jiang, Ph.D.

Having worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over 25 years, Dr. Jiang offers extensive experience in drug discovery and development in therapeutic areas including oncology, infectious diseases, inflammation, cardiovascular, CNS, and gastrointestinal dysfunctions. He has led R&D teams pursuing projects from idea conception to IND submission. In addition, Dr. Jiang has built internal as well as external research and development teams for multi-national pharmaceutical and startup biotech companies, such as American Cyanamid, Johnson & Johnson, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Sphinx Pharmaceuticals, and Genta. Dr. Jiang received a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry, and did his postdoctoral research in Medicinal Chemistry. He has more than 25 patents to his credit and authored or coauthored more than 40 journal articles and scientific presentations. He was Founder and President of Quadra Pharmaceuticals, a chemical diversity platform biotech company.

Dr. Jiang was most recently Vice President, Corporate Development, Drug Discovery, at Ricerca Biosciences, LLC, a contract research company. He is currently an independent consultant, advising companies in areas of drug discovery, preclinical development, business and corporate development, and program management.


Lee E. Limbird, Ph.D.


Dr. Limbird has forged an especially distinguished career in the biomedical sciences. She is the former Chair of the Department of Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, leading it to become one of the top pharmacology departments in the country in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding, the quality of its graduate training and the citation impact of its research publications. While at Vanderbilt, she also served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and her laboratory made significant progress in understanding the structure, function, and trafficking of G protein-coupled receptors. She is listed as author on over 130 peer-reviewed papers, is co-editor of Goodman and Gilman’s Pharmacological Basis for Therapeutics, and served three years as Chair of the NIH study section on pharmacology.


Dr. Limbird is currently the Vice President of the Office for Research and Interim Chair of Cardiovascular Biology at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee.


Terence S. Dermody, M.D.


An expert in viral pathogenesis, Terry Dermody is a Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology and Immunology at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He also serves as Director of the Elizabeth B. Lamb Center for Pediatric Research, oversees the Vanderbilt Medical Scientist Training Program, and is an adjunct professor of Biomedical Sciences at Meharry Medical College. Dr. Dermody came to Vanderbilt in 1990 after completing a residency in internal medicine at Presbyterian Hospital in New York and fellowships in infectious diseases and virology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.


Dr. Dermody is a physician-scientist with clinical interests in pediatric infectious diseases and research interests in mammalian reoviruses as an experimental system to study mechanisms by which viruses cause cell death and disease. His research is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, including a MERIT award, and the Lamb Family Foundation.


Youyou Tu, M.D.


Dr. Tu is a renowned scientist with extensive experience in drug discovery and clinical trials in China. Her discovery and subsequent development of artemisinin as a potent anti-malarial agent has led to many honors and awards, including the Albert Einstein World Science Prize, the National Science Congress Prize, and being listed as one of the "Ten Great Public Health Achievements in New China" (Ministry of Public Health) and "Ten Science and Technology Achievements in China" (State Science Commission).


Dr. Tu is currently the Director of the Artemisinin Research Center at the Institute of Chinese Traditional Medicine at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing.



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