Interest in fuels derived from renewable resources is on the rise, due to their lower environmental impact as well as the rising cost and shrinking supply of nonrenewable petroleum worldwide. Biodiesel, especially, is the subject of increased investigation as its ability to be used in existing diesel engines lends it excellent flexibility and utility. This fuel is typically prepared through a relatively simple chemical modification of oils derived from plant or animal sources. However, competition for these feedstocks between the food and energy sectors places economic and ethical strain on using these materials for the production of biodiesel. As a result, many biodiesel plants are underutilized.

Recently, much attention has been paid to the development of microbial oil from sources such as algae, yeast, and bacteria. Some of these microorganisms can accumulate up to 70% of their biomass as oil. Microbes have many advantages over plants, such as faster growth rate, shorter life cycle, easier scale-up, less labor-intensive production, less effects from season and climate, and non-competition for food resources and arable land.

Microbial Novoteqs has recently developed novel microbial strains through cutting-edge genetic engineering to efficiently produce biofuels (crude oil, biodiesel, and ethanol). Our proprietary technologies and microbial strains can use various inexpensive carbon sources to rapidly and economically generate these biofuels. Thus, our platform has great potential to meet the increasing market demand for biodiesel.


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