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Recent News

Microbial Novoteqs has completed its move to a new location. The new facility is larger and more accessible, helping to accelerate the pace of our discovery and development efforts.

Dr. Hong Fang will give a presentation at the Tennessee Innovation Conference in Nashville (Nov. 20-21, 2008). The conference is organized by the Tennessee Technology Development Corporation.

A recent article authored by Dr. Neil Green and published in Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery highlights the innovative drug screening technologies developed and employed by Microbial Novoteqs.

Recent progress at Microbial Novoteqs will be highlighted in a poster presented at the IBC’s 12th Annual World Congress, Drug Discovery & Development of Innovative Therapeutics, August 6-9, 2007, in Boston, MA.






Our goal is to improve global health and safety through the discovery and development of therapeutics against emerging pathogens as well as bacterial toxins that could be used as biological weapons. Microbial Novoteqs utilizes novel drug-discovery platforms that permit therapeutic drug discovery in rapid, cost-efficient, and physiologically relevant systems.  Through these technologies, we have identified strong lead candidates against pathogenic fungi and bacterial neurotoxins.




Microbial Novoteqs develops technology platforms in yeast molecular genetics and pathway engineering, providing creative solutions for broad industrial needs. Yeast strains have historic value for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and food additives. Microbial Novoteqs expands on this proven technology by synthesizing novel components with tremendous economic potential.






In response to changing worldwide energy demands, Microbial Novoteqs has initiated projects aimed at harvesting biofuels from engineered microbes. This economical and renewable source of energy holds great promise for answering the call for "green" technologies that minimize global environmental impact.



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